Carmine Appice Discography
  • Vanilla Fudge:

    • Vanilla Fudge, ATLANTIC, 1967
        Ticket to ride, People get ready, She's not there, Bang bang, Illusion of my childhood-part one, You keep me hanging on, childhood-part two, Take me for a little while, childhood-part three, Eleanor rigby

    • The Beat Goes On, ATLANTIC, 1968
        Sketch, [PHASE ONE] Intro: The Beat Goes On Eighteenth Century Variations On A Theme By Mozart: Divertimento No. 13 IN F Major, Nineteenth Century Old Black Joe, Twentieth Century Don't Fence Me In, 12th Street Rag, In The Mood, Hound Dog, The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand / I Feel Fine / Day Tripper / She Loves You, [PHASE TWO] The Beat Goes On, Beethoven Fur Elise & Moonlight Sonate, The Beat Goes On, The Beat Goes On, [PHASE THREE] Voices In Time, Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, and other voices, [PHASE FOUR] The Beat Goes On, Merchant - The Game Is Over (Vinnie), Merchant - The Game Is Over (Tim), Merchant - The Game Is Over (Carmine), Merchant - The Game Is Over (Mark), Merchant, The Beat Goes On

    • Renaissance, ATLANTIC, 1968
        The sky cried-when I was a boy, Thoughts, Paradise, That's what makes a man, The spell that comes after, Faceless people, Season of the witch

    • Near the Beginning, ATLANTIC, 1969
        Shotgun, Some velvet morning, Where is happiness, Break song

    • Rock & Roll, ATLANTIC, 1970
        Need love, Lord in the country, I can't make it alone, Street walking woman, Church bells of St. Martins, The windmills of your mind, If you gotta make a fool of somebody

    • Mystery, ATLANTIC, 1984
        Golden age dreams, Jealousy, Mystery, Under suspicion, It gets stronger, Walk on by, My world is empty, Don't stop now, Hot blood, The stranger

    • The Best of Vanilla Fudge-Live, RHINO, 1991
        My world is empty without you, You keep me hangin' on, Take me for a little while, Shotgun, Eleanor rigby, Ticket to ride, People get ready, Golden age dreams

    • The Return, Bianic Music/WorldSound, 2002
        Ain't That Peculiar, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Tearin' Up My Heart, Shotgun, People Get Ready, Take Me for a Little While, Good Good Livin', I Want It That Way, Need Love, She's Not There, Season of the Witch, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

    • The Return Live in Germany, 200?

    • THE REAL DEAL: Vanilla Fudge Live [1987 "Back To The Future" Tour in Chicago],, ????
        She's Not There, Take Me For A Little While, Golden Age Dreams, Eleanor Rigby, Shotgun, People Get Ready, Don't Stop Now, You Keep Me Hangin' On, My World Is Empty

    • When Two Worlds Collide, 200?

    • The Best of Vanilla Fudge, 1982

    • Psychedelic Sundae: The Best of Vanilla Fudge, RHINO, 1993

  • Cactus:

    • Cactus, ATLANTIC, 1970
        Parchman Farm, My Lady From South Of Detroit, Bro. Bill, You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover, Let Me Swim, No Need To Worry, Oleo, Feel So Good

    • One Way ... or Another, ATLANTIC, 1971
        Long Tall Sally, Rockout, Whatever You Fell Like, Rock -N- Roll Children, Big Moma Boogie [Parts 1& 2], Feel So Bad, Song For Aries, Hometown Bust, One Way...Or Another

    • Restrictions, ATLANTIC, 1971
        Restrtictions, Token Chokin', Guiltless Glider, Evil, Alaska, Sweet Sixteen, Bag Drag, Mean Night In Cleveland

    • 'Ot 'n' Sweaty, ATLANTIC, 1972
        Swim, Mad Mother Boogie, Our Lil Rock N Roll Thing, Bad Stuff, Bringing Me Down, Bedroommazurka, Telling You, Underneath The Arches

    • Cactology: The Cactus Collection, RHINO, 1996
        Evil, Parchman Farm, You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover, One Way... Or Another, Alaska, Long Tall Sally, Let Me Swim, Bro. Bill, Rock N' Roll Children, Song For Aries, Restrictions, Oleo, Feel So Good, Rumblin' Man, Bad Stuff, Parchman Farm

    • Fully Unleashed: The Live Gigs, RHINO, 2004
        1: Intro/Long Tall Sally, Bag Drag, Evil, Parchman Farm, Alaska, Oleo, No Need to Worry, Let Me Swim 2: Big Mama Boogie, Pts. 1-2, Medley: Heeby Jeebies/Money/Hound Dog/What'd I Say, No Need to Worry, Parchman Farm, One Way...Or Another, Bro. Bill, Swim, Bad Mother Boogie, Our Lil Rock-N-Roll Thing, Bedroom Mazurka

    • Barely Contained: The Studio Sessions, RHINO, 2004
        1: Parchman Farm, Bro. Bill, My Lady from South of Detroit, You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover, Let Me Swim, No Need to Worry, Oleo, Feel So Good, Sweet Little 16, Rumblin' Man, Sun Is Shining, Long Tall Sally, Rockout, Whatever You Feel Like, Rock N' Roll Children, Big Mama Boogie, Pts. 1-2, Song for Aries 2: Feel So Bad, Hometown Bust, One Way...Or Another, Hound Dog Sniffin', Restrictions, Token Chokin', Guiltless Glider, Evil, Alaska, Sweet Sixteen, Bag Drag, Mean Night in Cleveland, Bad Stuff, Bringing Me Down, Bedroom Mazurka, Telling You, Underneath the Arches

  • Beck Bogert & Appice:

    • Beck Bogert & Appice, Epic, 1973
        Black cat moan, Lady, Oh to love you, Superstition, Sweet sweet Surrender, Why should I care, Lose myself with you, Livin' Alone, I'm so proud

    • Working Version, it's, 1974 (Unreleased second album)
        Jizz Whizz, Laughing Lady, Prayin', (Get Ready) Your Lovemaker's, Livin' Life Backwards, Solid Lifter, Satisfied, All In Your Mind, Time Is A Lady / Definitely Maybe / Superstition, Morning Dew / Satisfied, Livin' Alone, Laughing Lady, Lady

    • Live in Japan, Sony, 1975
        1: Superstition, Lose myself with you, Jeff's boogie, Going down, Boogie, Morning dew 2: Sweet sweet Surrender, Livin' Alone, I'm so proud, Lady, Black cat moan, Why should I care, Plynth/Shotgun (medley)

  • Jeff Beck:

    • Flash, Epic, 1985
      • People Get Ready

    • Beckology, SONY MUSIC, 1991

  • KGB: Ray Kennedy, Barry Goldberg、Mike Bloomfield

    • KGB, 1976

    • Motion, 1976
        Woman stop whatcha doin', I only need a next time, My serene coleen, Lookin' for a better way, Lay it all down, Treading water, Goin' thru the motions, Je T' Aime, Determination

  • Rod Stewart:

    • Foot Loose & Fancy Free, WEA, 1977
        Hot Legs, You're Insane, You're In My Heart, Born Loose, You Keep Me Hangin' On, (If Lovin You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right, You Got A Nerve, I Was Only Joking

    • Blondes Have More Fun, WEA, 1978
        Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?, Dirty Weekend, Ain't Love A Bitch, The Best Day Of My Life, Is That The Thanks I Get?, Attractive Female Wanted, Blondes (Have More Fun), Last Summer, Standin'In The Shadows Of Love, Scarred And Scared

    • Foolish Behaviour, WEA, 1980
        Better Off Dead, Passion; Foolish Behaviour; So Soon We Change; Oh God, I Wish I Was Home Tonight; Gi' Me Wings; My Girl; She Wont Dance With Me; Somebody Special; Say It Aint True

    • Tonight I'm Yours, WEA, 1981
        Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me), How Long, Tora, Tora, Tora (Out With The Boys), Tear It Up, Only A Boy, Just Like A Woman, Jealous, Sonny, Young Turks, Never Give Up On A Dream

    • Rod Stewart Greatest Hits, WEA, 1979

  • Carmine Appice:
    • Carmine Appice (1st solo), 1981
        Have you heard; Keep on rolling; Paint it black; Blue cafe; Sweet senorita; Drum city rocker; Hollywood heartbeat; Be my baby; Am I losing you; Drums, drums, drums

    • V8, 2002
        Woman, V8 steamer, Like you do, Drum Waltz, Energy, Ocean, Neptune, Rimshot, Song for lovers, Me and the boys, Close encounters, Paint it black, Lady

  • DNA:

    • Party Tested, 1983
        Doctors of the universe; Intellectual freedom for the masses; Rock&Roll, Part II; The song that wrote itself; Party tested; The recipe for life; What about?

  • Ted Nugent:

    • Nugent, ATLANTIC, 1982
        No, no, no; Bound and gagged; Habitual offender; Fightin' words; Good and ready, Ebony; Don't push me; Can't stop me now; We're gonna rock tonight; Tailgunner

    • Little Miss Dangerous (background vocal), ATLANTIC, 1986

  • King Kobra:

    • Ready To Strike, BEARTRACKS, 1985
        Ready To Strike, Hunger, Shadow Rider, Shake Up, Attention, Breakin' Out, Tough Guys, Dancing With Desire, Second Thoughts, Piece Of The Rock

    • Thrill of a Lifetime, Capitol, 1986
        Second Time Around, Dream On, Feel The Heat, Thrill Of A Lifetime, Only The Strong Will Survive, Iron Eagle, Home Street Home, Overnight Sensation, Raise Your Hands To Rock, Party Animal

    • King Kobra III, 1988
        Mean Street Machine, Take It Off, Walls Of Silence, Legends Never Die, Redline, Burning In Her Fire, Perfect Crime, It's My Life, #1

    • The Lost Years, CLEOPATRA, 1999
        Mean Street Machine, Fool In The Rain, Young Hearts Survive, Your Love's A Sin, #1, Walls Of Silence, Lonely Nights, Red Line, Perfect Crime, Overnite Love Affair, Poor Boy (You Are My Life)

    • Hollywood Trash, Mausoleum, 2001
        Do It, Bitch, The Gift, Hollywood Trash, Jessy, The Edge, Watch Waht You Think, Angels, Blaze, Freedom, Ready To Strike, Take It Off, Here Comes The Night, Subway

    • Number One, Mausoleum, 2005
        Mean Street Machine, Fool in The Rain, Young Hearts Survive, Your Loves A Sin, Number One, Walls Of Silence, Lonely Nights, Redline, Perfect Crime, Overnite Love Affair, Poor Boy (You Are My Life)

  • Blue Murder:

    • Blue Murder, Geffen, 1989
        Riot, Sex child, Valley of the kings, Jelly roll, Blue murder, Out of love, Billy, Ptolemy, Black-hearted woman

    • Nothin' But Trouble, 1994
        We All Fall Down, Itchyoo Park, Cry for Love, Runaway, Dance, I'm on Fire, Save My Love, Love Child, Shouldn't Have Let You Go, I Need an Angel, She Knows

  • Mothers Army (1st) / Mother's Army (2nd)

    • Mothers Army, FEMS, 1993
        Mothers army, darkside, dreamtime, One way love, Second nature, Memorial day, Get a life, By your side, Voice of reason, Anarchy, Save me, Mothers army (reprise)

    • Planet Earth, Bandai, 1997
        Circle of hands, Cradle to the grave, Misery me, Planet earth, For the moment, Seas of eternity, The child within, One common law, Mother earth

  • Guitar Zeus:

    • Guitar Zeus, 1995
        Dislocated (P.Gilbert), This time around (Y.Malmsteen), Safe (N.Schon), 4 miles high (S.Morse), So long (D. Aldrich), Nobody knew [Black white house] (B.May), Guitar zeus part I (J.Batten), Killing time (T.Tabor), Where you belong (Slash), Days are Nights (T.Nugent), Time to set alarms (E.Easton), Under the moon & sun (M.Mars), Guitar zeus part II (L.West)

    • Guitar Zeus 2, Polydor, 1997
        Interlude:Channel mind radio, Stash (S.Salas), Code 19 (Z.Wilde), Perfect day (W.DeMartini), Interlude, Gonna rain (R.Sambora), Interlude: (Gavotte) in E major, by J.S.Bach (S.Smith), Even up the score (T.Nugent), Out of mind (N.Schon), Interlude: "Guitar zoo" (C.C.Deville), Nothing (J. Norum), Tippin' Again (T.Tabor), Dead wrong (D.Zappa), Doin' fire (V.Campbell), My own advice (K.Kitajima), Interlude:Channel mind radio, When you belong (P.Gilbert), GZ blues (S.Duncan & S.Seagal)

    • Guitar Zeus Japan, Rock Records Japan, 1999
        Days R Nites (L.Takamura), This Time Around (A.Takasaki), Safe (K.Yamamoto), Dislocated (K.Kitamura), Angels (Char, K.Otomo), Couldn't Be Better (RayZi), Black White House (Hatake), Goodnite (Anchang), Moon & Sun (S.Matsuo), Occupants (Y.Nomura, Hiroya), Snake (N. SHima), Killing Time (Katsu, Kaz)

    • Guitar Zeus Korea, EMI, 2002
        This Time Around, Dislocated, Snake, Safe, Days 'R' Nites, Angels, Couldn't Be Better, Black White House, Goodnite, Under the Moon and Sun, Occupants, Killing Time, 4 Miles High

    • Guitar Zeus 2001, One Music, 2003?
        Stash, Code 19, Perfect Day, Gonna Rain, Cruisin, Even Up The Score, Out Of Mind Interlude Guitar Zoo, Snake, Trippin Again, Dead Wrong, Doin Fine, My Own Advice Interlude Channel Mind Radio, Where You Belong[Remix & Rearranged] (Bonus Track), GZ Blues (Bonus Track)

  • Pearl:

    • Pearl, Polydor, 1997
        Take care boys, watch out girls; All believers; Lay your hands on me, baby; Everybody tears; Peace on the grave; Heart to heart; Don't you wanna "loose"?; I will

    • 4 Infinity, East West Japan, 1998
        Words Don't Work; Feel So Wild, Feel So Blue; Jealousy; Harvest Moon; Last Night; Do Whatcha Got; Dusty Road; Phoenix; My Wishing Heart; New Style; Dream On

    • Live in Japan, 1999
      • live tracks(CD1):
        Dusty Road; Words don't work; All believers; Harvest Moon; Phoenix; Dream on; Everybody tears; Take care boys, watch out girls; New style; Jealousy; Lay your hands on me, baby; I will
      • Bonus tracks(CD2):
        Love; Candle Light; Under My Skin

    • Lay your hands on me, baby, Polydor, 1997 (Single)
        Lay your hands on me, baby; Everybody tears; Long time

    • Jealousy, East West Japan, 1998 (Single)
        Jealousy, Sweet life, Jealousy

  • CBA (Char, Bogrt and Appice):

    • CBA Live, Polydor, 2000
        Evil; Parchman Farm; Satisfied; Lady; 11 Years; Rosalee; Share the Wonder; Drive Me Nuts; Why aren't You Ready; Happy Birthday to you - Future Child

  • DBA (Rick Derringer, Bogrt and Appice):

    • Doin' bussiness as..., 2001
        Blood from a Stone, Sky Is Falling, Grey Day, Everybody's Comin', Bye Bye Baby, Telling Me Lies, Dawn of Love, Turn on the Light, Boys Night Out, Alone Now, Rapsody in Red

  • TnA (Pat Travers & Appice):

    • It Takes a Lot of Balls, 2004
        Better From A Distance, Taken (The Iguana Song), I Don’t Care, Remind Me, Gotta Have Ya, Hey You, Stand Up, Can't Escape The Fire, I Can’t Let You Go, Rock Me, Never Saw It Comin', Keep Me Rockin', PT Slide

    • Live at the House of Blues, 2005
        Taken, Better from a distance, I Don’t Care, Crash and burn, Living alone, Gotta have you, Turn me on, Can't Escape The Fire/LA, LA love; Evil, Do ya think I'm sexy, Boom boom, Keep on rocking


  • with others:
    • Jan Akkerman: Tabernakel, 1974

    • Various: Flash Fearless Vs. Zorg Woman, 1975

    • Tommy Bolin: Private Eyes, Columbia, 1976
      • Someday Will Bring Our Love Home

    • Bo Diddley: 20th Anniversary of Rock N' Roll, 1976

    • Stanley Clarke: Modern Man, Epic, 1978

    • Paul Stanley: Paul Stanley, MERCURY, 1978

    • Les Dudek: Ghost Town Parade, 1978

    • Carmen Maki: Night Stalker, kitty, 1979
        it's only rock'n roll, jamaican getaway, I just feel in love again, hey babe, take me for a little while, J-rock, easy come easy go, eye to eye, never on a monday, bringin' me down, night stalker

    • Eric Carmen: Tonight You're Mine, BMG Japan, 1980

    • Eddie Money: Playing for Keeps, Columbia, 1980
        Trinidad, Running Back, The Wish, Get A Move On, When You Took My Heart, Satin Angel, Let's Be Lovers Again - (with Valerie Carter), Nobody Knows, Million Dollar Girl

    • Ron Wood: 1234, 1981

    • Tim Bogert: Master's Brew, 1983

    • Various Artists: Hear 'n Aid, 1986

    • Pink Floyd: Momentary Lapse of Reason, Sony, 1987
        Signs Of Life, Learning To Fly, The Dogs Of War, One Slip, On The Turning Away, Yet Another Movie, Round And Around, A New Machine (Part 1), A New Machine (Part 2), Sorrow

    • Paice, Ashton, Lord: BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert, 1992

    • Jeff Watson: Lone Ranger, SHRAPNEL, 1992
        Mountain Cathedral, Cement shoes, Forest of feeling, Hi-yo silver, Picnic Island, Morris minor, Osaka rocka, Eco charet, Talking heads, Pipe dream, Song for rebecca

    • Brad Gillis: Gilrock Ranch, 1993

    • Marty Friedman: True Obsession, 1996

    • Tommy Bolin: Bottom Shelf, 1997

    • Dragon attack (a tribute to Queen), Triage records, 1997
      • Sheer heart attack
      • We are the champions
      • Get down make love

    • Cozy Powell Forever, Electric Angel Records, 1998
      • Theme One
      • Armed and Ready

    • Stuart Smith: Heaven and earth, 1999
      • See that my grave is kept clean
      • Memories
      • do you ever think of me?

    • Humanary Stew (A Tribute to Alice Cooper), Triage records, 1999
      • No More Mr. Nice Guy

    • John Sykes: Nuclear Cowboy, 2000
      • Newclear Cowboy
      • Arc Angel
      • Nothing means nothing
      • Thinking 'bout love
      • One way system
      • Degraded
      • Sick

    • Various: Skill and a Shout it lets out (Japanese Hard Rock-Heavy Metal Compilation), 2002
        Anita; Look at me now; F.U.C.K; 2094; Drama; Good thing, bad thing; Jet set survivor; Hyoryu (Drifting); Genka (Flower of phantom); Mata itsuka kimito... (Some day, I'll be with you again)

    • Danny Johnson: Over Cloud Nine, 2004

    • MOONSTONE project [sample mp3]: 1st album, 2005?
      • Pictures of my lonely days

    • CHRIS CATENA: Discovery - Return of the galactic freakboy, 2005?

    • Roderick Falconer: Rules of Attraction

    • Chris Mancini: No Strings

  • Soundtracks:
    • Iron Eagle (King Kobra)
    • Chasing Destiny (Romantic Moritz) 1998
    • Black Roses 1987

  • Live Videos & PVs:
    • Iron Eagle (King Kobra and Lou Gossett)
    • Rod Stewart: 1976 to 1980 Hot Legs, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, You're In My Heart, Ain't Love a Bitch, Passion and Live at the Forum '79
    • Ted Nugent: Bound and Gagged, No No No, 1982
    • DNA: Derringer and Appice...Docters of the Universe
    • Ozzy: Bark at the Moon, 1983
    • Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley's Rock'n Roll All-Star Jam, 1985
        Filmed live at The Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre on 25-Oct-85. Special guests include Ron Wood, Carl Wilson, Kenny Jones, Mick Fleetwood, Mitch Mitchell, John Mayall, Carmine Appice, John Lodge, Ronnie Lane, members of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Chicago, Quiet Riot and Three Dog Night.
    • King Kobra: Hunger, Iron Eagle and Take It Off, 1985-87
    • Blue Murder: Jellyroll, Valley of the Kings, 1989
    • Drum Wars, 1995: Carmine and Vinny Appice. Directed by Carmine
    • Pearl: Everybody Tears, Lay Your Hands On Me, Jealousy, 1997-98
    • Pearl Live - East meets West, 1997
        Take care boys watch out girls, All believers, Long time, Peace on the grave, Heart of hearts, Superstition, Backstage woman/guitar solo, bass solo/Riot, drum solo/Century toys, Gold Rush, One Step, Lay your hands on me baby, Everybody tears, Don't you wanna "loose"?, I will
    • CBA: Satisfied, 1999
    • CBA: Live at Budokon, 1999 (CableTV program? 2000)
        Why aren't You Ready, Share the Wonder, Satisfied, Lady, Future Child, 11 Years, Rosalee, Superstition

  • Instructional DRUM Videos:
    • Drum Clinic (60min)
    • Realistic Rock (90min)
    • Drum Master Class (60min)

  • Books:
    • Updated Realistic Rock Drum Method
    • Realistic Double Feet
    • Realistic Hi Hats
    • Realistic Reggea
    • Rudiments to Rock
    • Carmine Appice Presents Drum Superstars
    • New Ultimate Realistic Rock, 2001
    • Realistic Rock Kids, 2001
    • Ultimate Play-along Drum Trax: Carmine Appice Guitar Zeus, 2004

      (All Published by WarnerPublications)

  • Movies:
    • Black Roses (1987)
    • Romantic Moritz (1998)

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